Dori and Benna

I always hear from the neighbors how well taken care of Benna is when on her walks during the day, they don't say this about all the dog walking Services they see throughout the neighborhood I am very grateful to feel confident that my sweet honey is well care for

Thank you

- Dori Clarkson

Amy and Ginger

When we found Walk On The Pawside we knew this was going to be a good fit for us. We wanted someone who would love and care for our fur babies the same way we do. I feel very comfortable leaving for work in the morning and knowing my animals will be well taken care of. We went on vacation for 2 weeks last summer and I'm never worried once about our cats because I knew Walk On The Pawside would be there! We got home to pictures of the kitties enjoying their time while we were away. I could not recommend Walk On The Pawside more! My husband, myself and all 3 of our animals love them!

-Amy Walsh

Laurie and Sam

Walk On The Pawside is a lovely small group of caring dog-walkers, Stephanie, the owner is very Hands-On, cares about my furbaby and always keep the line of communication open. They are very thorough with any specific Instructions you have for them and they even text me about the walk so I know how my Sam is doing while I'm at work instead of waiting to read the. visit notes when I get home, and the notes are detailed and sweet. I know my home and my dog are safe in their hands.

- Laurie Adams

Ayesha and Norman

With Walk On The Pawside I know that my dog receives the best care that can be had when I am not available to walk feed play or stay with Norman. I have been lucky to see both of Jessenia and Dash with Norman to witness the love they both have for him and he for them. I never worry about Norm when they are with him because I know that they understand Norman's needs and temperament. Stephanie is always incredibly responsive to my texts and emails and always accommodates me when I need overnight sitting, I try to provide advanced notice of evening walks and dog sitting but even when I don't Stephanie makes it happen, professional and kind I couldn't ask for more from Walk On The Pawside.


Heather and Mitzy

The Best thing about Walk on The Pawside is that I feel my walkers truly care about my dog, that they understand her little doggie spirit and go out of their way to tend to her particular needs. I never worry that my babygirl will be neglected and I get immediate updates if anything is even slightly off. Plus, Jennifer takes beautiful photos of my pup that she occasionally shares, much to my delight.